Girls Day Out

The First Girls Day Out

Girl’s Day Out made its first appearance in Brockport in March 2019. Merchants participated in activities from Dunn Furniture to Bert’s Box gym. Participating businesses had pink balloons outside their establishments.

Any place with a pink balloon had an activity lined up for Girls Day Out ticket holders. The activities included jewelry making, a sexy lip competition, beverage testing, painting, and scavenger hunts. It was a very family-friendly day, and a great chance to become familiar with the downtown Brockport businesses.

The Second Girls Day Out

In the spring of 2020, the Brockport Merchants Association was planning the first follow-up Girls Day Out event. The second time any event runs is usually great. It’s a chance to reflect on any problems and build on what worked. It was intended to be an afternoon of friendship, shopping, and tasting all of what the village restaurants had to offer. After the success of the first event, this year could only be bigger and better.

The Pandemic

Then, the pandemic hit. The world as we knew it shut down. We had no choice but to isolate, hibernate, and enter into a reality no one saw coming. Girls Day Out, and everything else was postponed indefinitely.

For the most part, we have all adapted to our new normal. Four years later, people were ready for a change of pace. With that being said, it was time for Brockport Merchants Association to reimplement the long awaited Girls Day Out event in April 2024.

The Second Second Girls Day Out

The weather was not on our side, but for those that participated, it was refreshing! Many local businesses in the 14420 area took part. There were several baskets of prizes donated for our raffles by businesses all over Brockport. It was a day to celebrate collaboration and unity with mimosas, chocolate and tasty appetizers. Soulshine served as a basecamp for participants.

To people who participated in the first Girls Day Out, this may have seemed like a completely different event. In a lot of ways, it was. The Brockport Merchants Association was under new leadership, and there was not a lot of reflection on the first event.

Looking Back

Although the number of participants were less than expected, the day brought a new found hope of connection, support for one another, and for our community businesses. The third running of the event can build on everything from the first two events. We hope to make this an annual event and have it grow exponentially in time. Thank you to all that supported Girls Day Out!

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