Brockport Sidewalk Sale

The sidewalk sale is a long held tradition for Brockport merchants. The Brockport Merchants Association as been holding the event starting the second Thursday of July, running through Saturday. Thursday is reserved for local merchants, and outside vendors are brought in Friday and Saturday. Sometimes, there has been additional entertainment brought in. In 2019, BrockStock, the Brockport music festival, was held on the Friday during the sidewalk sale.

Shopping Downtown

A sidewalk sale is a common way for retailers to cycle their inventory. They offer the best deals on out of season products, overstocked items, or items that have just been around to long. What sets the Brockport Sidewalk Sale apart is that nearly all retailers in downtown Brockport are doing it at the same time. What is already a vibrant, diverse shopping experience explodes beyond the walls into the sidewalk. Additional vendors are brought in to ensure non-stop deals and merchandise.

Brockport’s downtown offers a rich and diverse shopping experience. As the big box stores get more basic and generic, the dozens of small businesses downtown retain the unique offerings where small businesses thrive. You can shop stores in fashion, art, books, crafts, toys, collectables, metaphysical, and more. The sidewalk sale is a chance to experience them all, out on the sidewalk, among even ore offerings. In 2024, in addition to the half dozen downtown restaurants, we are adding in food vendors along the walking routes to ensure you don’t go hungry during the festive event.


The Brockport Sidewalk Sale is a chance for unique vendors to meet hundreds of potential customers. Local businesses and food vendors kick off the event on Thursday, and for outside vendors, it’s a two-day event on Friday and Saturday. Vendors can set up weighted tents along the walkways in Brockport. This is a great chance for vendors to meet hundreds of customers at a low cost. The event runs from 10am until 7pm each day.

Vendors interested in can reach out to us directly on our contact page. The fee for vendors is only $75 including both Friday and Saturday, and food vendors are $150 for all three days. Space is limited, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate.

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