About Us

Our Mission:

Stimulate members’ businesses in the Brockport community. Provide a forum to exchange ideas to enhance the promotion of Brockport businesses. Promote community pride through sponsorship of organized events and activities. Provide support to the community and residents through civic endeavors and volunteer efforts of the membership.

Who We Are

The Brockport Merchants Association is a group of forward-thinking and business minded individuals. The primary focus of the Merchants Association is promoting business, old and new. We have an eclectic mix of businesses including specialty shops, clothing shops and taylors, quaint restaurants, and service providers.  

The Brockport Merchants Association has evolved as new businesses have infused with well established businesses, to create a unique dynamic.

Our Officers


Steven Brown

Eclipse Boutique

Vice President

Alyssa Narburgh

Blazing Beauty Aesthetics


Jennifer Aguirre

Wax Castle


Shari Hogan


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